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XDFilt is a Windows application program for filtering and removing noise from audio signals. The audio source can be saved .wav files, external live input as from a radio receiver, or external prerecorded material as from audio tapes, phonograph records, etc.

XDFilt's features include:

  • Adaptive removal of uncorrelated (random) noise.
  • Adaptive removal of correlated (whistle/heterodyne) noise.
  • "XD" adaptive removal of random noise.
  • Point-and-click graphical user-defined filter.
  • "Waterfall" spectrographic display.
  • 'Live' input from radio receiver, cassette player, turntable, etc. to standard PC sound interface.
  • 'Canned' input from saved .wav files.
  • 16 bit sampling. 8 k-sample/s sampling rate.
  • Signal strength meter.

The distribution package includes examples of noisy signals in .wav files.

And it's free.

The manual:   xdfilt_1r0_instructions

    Xdfilt is combined in the Sigtools installer available on this page .

XDFilt has been combined with Sigmira in the "sigtools" installer.

To report bugs please send email to the address given on the 'contact' page: http://www.saharlow.com/contact

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